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Sunday Gospels and Election Day

Dear Parishioners,

Peace to you from the rectory. In the last few weeks, the Sunday Gospels have presented a series of parables by Jesus that left his listeners bewildered and have puzzled hearers of the Gospels ever since. These parables remind us that Jesus is not always easy to understand.

I sometimes wonder if Jesus purposely chose such an approach to elicit a greater effort on our part to understand his teachings. We often value an insight more when we have to wrestle with it for a while before we finally figure it out.

I encourage you to keep Jesus' approach in mind as you gear up for Election Day. As with his difficult parables, perhaps the present challenge of preparing to vote is calling us to greater attention to the Church's teachings and to an even greater commitment to praying for our government leaders. Maybe having to spend more time getting ready to vote is not such a bad thing, if in the process we become more knowledgeable about our faith and more faithful in prayer for those in authority.

Our preparation should include reading the Pre-Election Letter by the two Bishops of Virginia, and then examining the Virginia Catholic Conference Presidential Candidate Comparison Guide. Hard copies of both are in the church vestibule. For even more guidance, please consult the US Bishops' document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, found on the US Bishops' website. On that same website you will also encounter a Pre-Election Novena, along with Prayers for Before and After an Election. For your convenience, bilingual copies of these election prayers are in our church vestibule with the other voter items

In the United States, we are blessed to be able to vote for our leaders. Jesus and the Church expect our participation in this process of self-government, which will certainly contribute to the formation of a just society on earth, thus giving all of us a better shot at one day reaching heaven. As you prepare to vote, please know that Fr. Will and I are praying for you. 

St. Philip the Apostle - pray for us!

Respect Life Month 2020

A Message from Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop pf the Diocese of Arlington

OJoin Bishop Michael Burbidge and other Catholics in the Diocese for a peaceful, prayerful and powerful witness!ctober is traditionally observed in the Church across the United States as Respect Life Month. During this month, we pause and give thanks for the gift of human life.

This year's theme, "Live the Gospel of Life," reminds us that authentic discipleship means choosing to see and serve Christ in all people, especially the unborn, the aged, the infirmed, the poor and the most vulnerable. May we continue to spread the Gospel of Life through the witness of our lives and always seek to do our part as God's holy family to proclaim consistently and courageously his truth in love.

This year, we also have the opportunity to take direct action in supporting the unborn and vulnerable by bringing our convictions with us into the voting booth. By participating in the political process as faithful citizens, we can give voice to the voiceless and remind our society that life is the foundation upon which all other rights are based.
We know that many suffer the pain caused by abortion. Especially at this time, I invite anyone who might be suffering the agony and aftermath of abortion to join our confidential Project Rachel ministry so that they may move forward with hope and healing.

Strengthened by our prayer, together in the light of Christ, I ask Mary our Mother to keep us all under her mantle as we seek to live the Gospel of Life with hope and joy.

Covid-19 Precautions Review

Covid-19 Precautions Review It has been four months since we returned to having public Eucharist; so far things have gone well, with no reports of infection caused by Mass attendance. To keep this up, please continue following these special precautions: 

Steps for Receiving Holy Communion 

  1. Follow usher instructions to get in line
  2. Say "Amen" at tape on floor
  3. Remove mask
  4. Step up with hands out (preferred)
  5. Receive Host in hand; or receive on tongue and replace mask
  6. If in hand, step aside and place Host in mouth. Replace mask.

Ministers of Holy Communion

  1. Ministers disinfect their hands before distributing Holy Communion
  2. Ministers wear masks while distribution Holy Communion
  3. Whenever a Minister gives Holy Communion on the tongue, the Minister will immediately disinfect the fingers
  4. Whenever a Minister touches a communicant, the Minister will immediately disinfect the fingers.

After Mass

  1. Those seated on window side - exit using side aisle
  2. Those seated on choir side - exit using center aisle
  3. When talking outside
    1. Keep masks on
    2. Maintain appropriate physical distance

October Prayer Opportunities

40 Days for Life and October Rosary Campaign

40 Days for Life, runs through November 1 and focuses on the Falls Church facility at 900 S. Washington St. in Falls Church. Through public witness, prayer and fasting, the 40 Days for Life movement has saved over 17,000 children from abortion, helped over 200 abortion workers quit, and closed down over 100 hundred abortion facilities around the world in the last 13 years. By conducting this same public witness here in Falls Church, we hope to bring about similar blessings.

Abortion is undoubtedly one of the chief problems facing this country. Like slavery in previous centuries, it has infected every aspect of our society, impacting all of us, whether we know it or not. 40 Days for Life offers hope that we can do better. Please consider signig up to spend time in front of the facility in witness and prayer. A sign-up sheet is in the church vestibule and also available at 40daysforlife.com/fallschurch.

Rosary Campaign for the Purification of the Church

Ongoing prayer is needed for the Church because of the sins of her clergy. The clerical sexual abuse crisis has hurt countless brothers and sisters in Christ over the past decades and remains a wound in the Bride of Christ. At our town hall meeting a year ago certain measures were adopted by the parish to make reparation for this outrage.

One such measure was the October Rosary Campaign for the Purification of the Church. We are going to do that again. Like last year, we will have a map of the parish in the church vestibule for each household to insert a pin, indicating their commitment to pray part of or the whole Rosary daily for justice for victims and sexual purity among Church leaders. It was a source of encouragement for me last year to see our parish map filled with pins, revealing the presence of many rosaries being offered in reparation. Given the great power of the Rosary, I beg all parishioners to participate in our campaign again this year. Our prayers will help the Church be all God wants her to be, "a light to the nations" that his salvation may reach to the ends of the earth (Is 49:6). 

Take Note


Join us as we embrace Pope Francis' call to care for creation in his Encyclical, Laudato Si. The event will be hosted at St. Philip Catholic Church for youth of both parishes on Sunday, October 25, from 12-8pm. We will be joined by Bishop Burbidge and young people from across the diocese over livestream, and enjoy an afternoon of fun, community service, free food, and prayer. C3 is a free event. Please contact frwilliam@stphilipsparish.com to register. More info: here.

Knights of Columbus Membership

The Knights of Columbus - the largest lay men's organization in the Church - invites you to join our council. Although we are living through tough times, the Knights have streamlined the membership process and have scheduled virtual ceremonies to welcome you to our order. Meetings (both virtual and in real) are on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm. For further information, please email Terence J Smith, Grand Knight, at tjmorrill@hotmail.com.

High School Worship Group

Fellowship, prayer, and evangelization for Saint Philip high-schoolers. Saturdays from 6:30-8pm. Starts on October 3. Bring a friend. Contact Fr. Will for more information. Come and see!

Scam Alert! Parishioners Receiving Fake Emails and Texts

Parishioners are once again reporting receiving text, calls and emails from someone pretending to be St. Philip priests, staff or volunteers. The scammers will initiate a casual conversation and then ask for gift cards or credit card information to assist the church. Don't fall for it! These scams have been reported at churches across the diocese as well as at churches and businesses across the country.

Free Catholic Content for the Whole Family

Have you signed up for your free Formed.org account? Formed has movies and videos, online books, podcasts, Bible studies, material for children, all with a Catholic view, in English and Spanish. You can watch it on your computer, phone, or smart TV. Go to Formed.org to sign up for your free account.

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Spiritual Communion Prayer

To be prayed when you cannot attend Sunday Mass

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar.

I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart ...

I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You.

Un Acto de Comunión Espiritual

Creo Señor mío que éstas realmente presente en el Santísimo Sacramento del altar.

Te amo sobre todas las cosas y deseo ardientemente recibirte dentro de mi alma; pero, no pudiendo hacerlo ahora sacramentalmente, ven al menos espiritualmente a mi corazón.

Y como si Te hubiese recibido, me abrazo y me uno todo a Ti; Oh Señor, no permitas que me separe de Ti. Amen.



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