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Happy Easter!

From the Desk of Father Donahue

Dear Parishioners,

Peace to you from the rectory and Happy Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday! It has been some time since I have written in this space and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be easing back into parish life. I have been cautioned by my care-givers to take things slow, which is why I have been laying low since I got back to the rectory.  But please know that in my heart I have longed to see all of you, to find out how you are doing, to thank you for your prayers and support, and to join you in praising the Lord for His mercy and goodness.

There is one person whom I have already had the chance to speak with privately and to thank profoundly for his great work. I now want to thank this person in public. You can probably guess that the person I have in mind is Fr. Steven. I can hardly begin to tell you what a great support he has been to me these last few months. You yourselves have seen how he led the parish through Lent, Holy Week and the Triduum with peace, joy, and competence.  What a consolation for me to know that the parish has been in such capable hands!  And we cannot forget that it is not like Fr. Steven has been running parishes for years, and now he is helping out at St. Philip.  No, this is Fr. Steven’s first assignment, and he has not even been ordained a year! This was his first Lent, Holy Week and Triduum as a priest!  What a blessing we have in him! On behalf of the whole parish, and in particular from my own heart, I want to say thank you to Fr. Steven for a job well done: Thank you so much Fr. Steven!

In our conversations over the past few weeks, Fr. Steven has been quick to point out that he has not been alone. Through it all, he has had the support of Fr. Tarsicio, Fr. Kelly, the parish staff, and so many of you parishioners. To all of you, then, I likewise want to express my thanks for working with Fr. Steven “to keep the show on the road” at St. Philip Parish!  Read More...

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