Enthrone Jesus as King of Your House

Bring This Special Blessing to You and Your Family

We are happy to report that several families have already decided to "enthrone" the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes, which the priests of St. Philip discussed at Mass a few weeks ago. Spiritually, this is an awesome sign that "Jesus is Lord" of your house: placed in a prominent place, an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus serves as a reminder to all who enter that everything that happens in the house--eating, sleeping, working, relaxing--is done for the glory of our Lord and King.

This practice of "enthronement" has deep ties to the feast of Christ the King. Instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 with Europe recovering from the horrors of World War I, the Pope foresaw the need for every Christian home to submit itself to the reign of Christ the King and he promoted this devotion in his document Quas Primas. Our current Pope echoed this call in an Angelus address: "the Kingdom of God is rooted in hearts -- , conferring peace, freedom and fullness of life upon those who embrace it. We all want peace; we all want freedom and we want fulfillment. And how do you do this? Allow the love of God, the Kingdom of God, the love of Jesus, to take root in your heart and you will have peace, you will have freedom and you will have fulfillment."

Would you like to consecrate your home to the Sacred Heart! If you acquire or purchase an image of Jesus -- especially one with his Sacred Heart -- please contacat Deacon James or Fr. Will to come and "enthrone" Him with a special blessing written by the Church for this purpose. You can email Fr. Will or email Deacon James with a few dates and times to set up this special event for your home!

We hope that we have many more requests for this great sign that Christ indeed is King here in Falls Church; King of our hearts and King of our homes!