Discovering Christ

Discovering Christ
Revitalize your faith or bring your friends and family to explore the meaning of life in Jesus Christ.

Please join us in the St. Philip cafeteria for Discovering Christ. Enjoy a free dinner, listen to a dynamic teaching and join in a small group discussion about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ.

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  Week #1: What Is the Meaning of Life?
  Week #2: Why Does Jesus Matter?>
  Week #3: What Does Jesus Want Us to Know?
  Week #4: Why Do I Need a Savior?
  Week #5: Why Is the Resurrection Important?
  Retreat Who Is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit and You
  Week #6: New Life in the Spirit
  Week #7: Our Need for the Church

Discovering Christ Invitation

You are invited to Discovering Christ, a seven-week experience, where you are invited to explore the meaning of life and the person of Jesus Christ through a shared meal, prayer, a relevant teaching, & small group discussion.


Times and dates for our next session of Discovering Christ TBA

For more information, please contact John Mitchell at or call the Rectory at (703) 573-3808

We invite you to visit Discovering Christ at: where you will find the “Invite Video” posted with information.